Have your mobile apps ready to launch in less than 100 hours!

From Internal Apps to Unicorns


By using NoCode/LowCode solutions, we are able to reduce the go-to-market cost and time, without compromising the features and quality of your app. Your project is ready to launch in significantly less time than with any conventional development practices.


No Code is the most cost-effective way to launch new products, saving you time, money and human resources. We can help you design, develop and release your prototype fast and easy, so your team can focus on your current product until your new idea has received market validation.

Why Hundred Agency

No Code with Native performance
10+ years of No Code experience

Our team has been using No Code and Low Code tools to build successful products since 2010.

Client-oriented and Transparent

From the initial call until the release of your product, you will have full access to the progress of the project. We are using ticketing systems for all issues and features, so you are up-to-date at all times. In addition, by using Kodika Player on your phone you can monitor the app's progress and give feedback asynchronous.

Pay in milestones and specific services

Pick up the project whenever you are ready to continue with your own resources. Our team will always be available to support you, when needed.

No Time Zone

Our optimized ticketing system process reduces the need for every day calls. Whenever needed, though, our team is available during both US and Europe office hours.

Why No Code

10x faster

No Code has been proven to reduce development time and cost, by automating common tasks without risking the performance or the quality of a product. Kodika.io No Code App Builder, the platform that we use to build your apps, has 100+ ready to use components and integrations, like Import from Sketch, Push Notifications, In App Purchases and Zapier.

Client Empowerment

You are not required to have programming skills to work on or maintain your apps after their release. We have a rich portfolio of successful stories where our clients either used our services only for consulting and technical support or they took over after the development of the core product.

Proof of Concept

Using NoCode/LowCode tools like Kodika.io, we can create a PoC in a matter of hours to check that a product is feasible! In this way, you can save hundred of hours spent on drafts and hypotheses or even pitch your product to investors using a working prototype!

80/20 rule

Based on stats, the final polishing and bug fixing is the most time consuming and unpredictable part of the project. With a NoCode-built app your team can easily run the last mile, to further reduce your costs if needed.

Our process

Analysis & Brainstorming

MVP and Milestones

Collaboratively define the visual branding, the required features, the roadmap and the MVP of your app. This will give you a clear and realistic view of your project's completion time, so you can prepare marketing and organize your launch.

No Budget Surprises

Hundred Agency will give you an estimate of the time and cost needed upon analysis of your requirements, so you know if it responds to your budget and timetable. Afterwards, a final quote will be given after the sign-off of the designs and features.


UX/UI Design

A team of Senior designers will work on your project to create elegant user experience that achieve business goals and make users happy.

Design sign-off

The final designs and features will be signed-off by you before we start building your product. This way we avoid back-and-forths during development and you know beforehand how your project will look and feel.

No Templates

Each project is designed from scratch and based on your needs. Our designers will create a Design System to have an homogenous result in your app, your website and marketing.

Mobile Apps Development

No shortcuts and simplifications.

Final app will look and feel exactly like the agreed designs and features. Nothing is impossible!

Backed by modern technologies.

We are using only No Code platforms and services that have proven results over the last years, so your mobile apps will have backward compatibility and support in the future.

Native Performance

Both Kodika.io and Mutata.io, the products that we mainly use in our projects, are based on Swift so they improve functionality, use latest native features, stay reliable and evolve with time.

Integrations and Plugins

Social Authentication, Apple Sign in, Paypal, Firebase, Lottie animations, Graphs, Map and User Location, and more... all can be implemented in hours.

Backend Development

Database and API Architecture

We create scalable Database and APIs that can support millions of users.

Firebase + GCP Hosting

All of our projects are hosted at Firebase and Google Cloud Platform, so uptime and performance come out of the box.


Our Backend team can integrate your project with any 3rd party service. Furthermore, a Kodika Server has a Zapier integration that makes connection with thousands of apps possible in minutes.

ByoB - Bring your own Backend

You can provide us with any JSON REST API and we will integrate it in your mobile app, so your projects are in sync.

Happy Clients


The official mobile app of the #1 Cyprus news website.


Food and beverages ordering app for stadiums.

Paw.wf - Shortlinks

Paw.wf is the easiest way to generate shortened URLs.


Flight watch service for aircraft.


Live streams to listen ATC communications in Greece.


Calculate hours and minutes to log your flight hours.

Toggle Ninja

An application that answers questions like: 'Did I leave my oven on?', 'Did we feed the cat?'.

Extra Services

Convert your current iOS app to Android

Mutata.io is the first framework that enables you to run Swift iOS applications on Android devices without rewriting your code. Our team can help you release your current iOS project to Android in hours.

Create Native app from your Web App

Using Kodika No Code App Builder we can help you add offline and native capabilities to your current Web App.

WordPress to Native App

Using Rota.rocks we can convert your Wordpress Posts to a native mobile app. The app will be in sync with your server and capable of sending push notifications to your users.